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Tomo Vukas

"The sea is mine
the ship is mine
the winds are mine
the rain and the storms..."
   Atomsko sklonište

Dear Reader,

 The pencil is my weapon, the drawings are my dreams,
the sculptures are my struggle with myself. I would like
that my painting codes are understandable to a common man.

I paint simple themes, often the sea, and I invite the viewer
to taste the breath of the winds, salty air and to listen to
the waves breath.
My people are nostalgic, they live in the past, occasionally
visiting the future and always go back to the present.
I'm relaying tales told long time ago to some new generations ...

I was born in 1965 in Rijeka, where I have been living.
I worked in France, Monte Carlo and Italy, sailing around the
world, and happily returning back to where I belong.

I've been playing music, worked in various companies
at various odd jobs and always drew, painted, hand made and
implemented my thoughts.
Attending the Academy of Fine Arts I approached myself and
I decided not to be secretive, and my expression I set before you.



- Rijeka
- Monte Carlo
- Arles
- Lion
- Treviso


- Volosko
- Rovinj
- Treviso
- Maribor (world drawings exhibition)